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10th Annual Stanford ME218 Alumni BBQ


The recent (10th Annual!!) Stanford ME218 Alumni BBQ was definitely one for the record books! We had another great turnout with around 200 people, including some current ME218 students as well as alumni as far back as the early 90’s.   What Are We Working On? One of the best things about meeting up each…

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9th Annual ME218 Alumni BBQ Was a Success!


We recently hosted the 9th Annual ME218 Alumni BBQ and it was a huge success and the biggest one yet! We had a great turnout this year with about 150 people. For me, the most exciting part was the open mic, where a dozen different alumni announced job openings. I can’t think of a more…

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My Experience as a 219 Design Intern


Over the summer, I worked at 219 Design as a mechanical engineering intern. I worked on variety of exciting projects spanning a range of disciplines from firmware engineering to hardware prototyping and even low volume manufacturing. The opportunity to work on every aspect of a product from its physical form to its embedded logic is very…

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6th Annual ME218 Alumni BBQ


219 hosted another barbecue for the alumni of Stanford’s ME218 class, aka Smart Product Design.

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