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The 14th Annual ME218 BBQ


Twenty(!) years ago, Dave, Larry, Miguel and I met during graduate school at Stanford University in a course called ME218 that teaches the fundamentals of mechatronics. The professor, Ed Carryer, crafted the class to be equal parts challenging and rewarding, as we learned the magic of combining mechanicals, electronics, and software. Surviving the class built a deep sense of camaraderie. For the last fourteen years, 219 Design has hosted a BBQ so alumni from all years can catch up, swap experiences from developing cutting edge tech, and relive the grueling days in the Smart Product Design Lab (SPDL).


A Great Turnout

The 14th Annual ME218 BBQ is in the books! After hosting virtual events for the last two years, we were ready to get back to normal(ish). We had a great turnout with most ME218A years since 1994 represented (see distribution graph below). The 2021 ME218ers deserve a shout out for 19 attendees, and it was great to see a number of our friends from 20 years back!


Food Truck for the Win

This was the first year we hired a food truck to cater the event. It was really nice to spend our time talking with other 218ers instead of cooking so I think they will be back next year. The empanadas were on point!


ME218ers Are Hiring

While the news is predicting a recession, we were thrilled to see a ton of 218ers announcing job opportunities at their companies. Tesla, Vantage Robotics, Nuro, Applied Intuition, Orbit Fab, geCKo Materials, Mainspring, KLA Corporation, Joby Aviation, and 219 Design are all looking to fill a variety of roles.

Stanford University SPDL ME218

Dan kicked off the open mic session where over a dozen 218ers shared their startup news and job openings.

Want to Come?

If you are an ME218 alumni, make sure you’re on the email invitation list before next year! Join the LinkedIn SPDL alumni group and check the page for a link.

Date published: 10/26/2022