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In the critical early stages of product development, 219 works with our clients to generate concepts for their product as well as a strategy to put those concepts to the test. The highly functional prototypes we create allow our clients to prove the feasibility and effectiveness of their product concepts to themselves, investors, and potential customers.

219’s brainstorming methodology is collaborative and effective. We came up with many ideas together that could show the versatility of DuPont materials in new and engaging ways. We had a lot of fun in the process too. Julian Velazquez | DuPont

High Fidelity Prototyping

Whether we are designing a consumer device that is judged based on how it feels in the user's hands or a medical device whose usability is vital to patient health, a prototype that looks, feels, and works like a the final product is essential. We work with our clients to create prototypes that are representative of a fully-functional product.

Technology Exploration

Our interdisciplinary team has expertise with a wide range of technology and manufacturing processes. We are well positioned to help our clients evaluate candidate technologies for their product and create feasibility prototypes to determine the best option.

Design Evaluation in Virtual Reality

We leverage virtual reality technology to create immersive experiences with our prototypes without any need to fabricate physical parts. This allows for an in-depth examination of a wide range of concepts in a short amount of time.