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Medical Device and Health Product Development

Improving Patient Outcomes

Real Engineering.

Real Results.

219 Design has worked with numerous medical device and health product companies in various capacities for over a decade. Clients choose 219 for our proven track record and solid foundation of engineering best-practices. We typically take on aspects of the design and development effort so that clients can stay focused on their core technology. The results are award-winning products, happy doctors, and better patient outcomes.

“219 Design had primary responsibility for development of an animated touchscreen GUI and a backend database that archived terabytes of medical and system diagnostic information over tens of thousands of medical procedures. In customer surveys, our product was consistently ranked #1 in technological capability and ease of use among all 5 competitors active in the marketplace. This achievement is an accomplishment that is in large part due to 219 Design’s mission of being an exceptional development partner.” Bruce Woodley | OptiMedica

Creating Top Rated Graphical User Interfaces

In many instances, our role on medical device projects has focused on developing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the device. The requirements have ranged from simple systems with just a few different screens to vastly complicated systems with custom stylized controls, data management and reporting requirements, multiple workflows, and dozens of screens to navigate. With our successful history building stunning, responsive, and intuitive user interfaces, our clients can be confident that the end product will be well received by doctors, staff, and patients alike.

Developing Custom Electronics, Firmware, and Software

219 provides general support to our medical device and health product clients in the areas of software, firmware, and electronics. We’ve developed custom software to support manufacturing and testing. We’ve designed custom electronics ranging from simple boards to interface with joysticks and encoders to the electronics for the OneBreath ventilator and the MyPurMist personal humidifier. In many cases, we’ve also been responsible for writing the firmware that runs these electronics. We’ve been brought in to focus solely on the firmware while our clients develop their core technology. We tailor our relationship and the service we provide to each client, since each client is unique.

Leveraging our UI/UX/ID Team

219 Design has also helped clients figure out what to build – ranging from the physical to the digital. 219 has in-house capabilities for user interface design, user experience design, and industrial design. and has been involved in UI/UX design efforts for numerous medical devices. In cases where we were not the initial UI/UX team, we’ve been able to leverage our in-house UI/UX skills to continue evolving the design during the actual software implementation, as new features and requirements are added.