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Bluetooth Low Energy Development

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219 has deep experience integrating BLE into products and prototypes across many industries. We’ve helped clients develop proof-of-concept prototypes to evaluate new ideas, designed products completely centered around BLE connectivity, and helped integrate BLE into existing designs to enhance core functionality. Our in-house interdisciplinary team allows us to move with high efficiency to develop robust BLE solutions at the crossroads of electronics, firmware, and software.

"219 built the earliest O6 PCB and firmware prototypes and, over the years, has diligently worked to take O6 into production and onto the shelves of BestBuy while receiving various accolades such as the 2017 CES Innovation award. More importantly, 219 is extremely professional to work with and has the state-of-the art skill set to build BLE and embedded platforms, from early prototypes right up to internationally certified production products.” P.K. Mishra | Fingertips Lab

Consumer Electronics

219 helped to develop the earliest Fingertips 06 concept prototypes with Bluetooth LE, accelerometer, and haptic feedback. As the product has matured, 219 has supported production firmware development and has played a role in defining and supporting testing processes during manufacturing. 219 continues to play a role in supporting production firmware for the 06 device.

Consumer Health Product

Vapore’s “MyPurMist free” BLE integration enables consumers to upgrade firmware (via phone), track usage, and receive important information about their device. 219 has designed several generations of electronics and firmware for the popular line of MyPurMist products. Our role has included production electronics and C++ Firmware, BLE, battery management, factory self-test firmware, EMC/EMI Certification support, and more. MyPurMist is available for purchase on Amazon.com as well as Target, Costco, Walmart, etc.


Companies across the automotive industry are leveraging BLE to explore new ways to interact with vehicles. We’ve integrated BLE into keyfobs, OBD ports, CAN buses, and head units - opening new ways to provide diagnostic, status, and maintenance information to owners and creating more ways to interact with their vehicles. With the flexibility and screen real-estate provided by an app running on a mobile device, a lot more can be conveyed compared to the traditional check engine light. Improvements in both safety and convenience have become imperative for innovative automotive companies to thrive.