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We Are Fifteen!


Fifteen years ago, five passionate engineers started a company that embodied everything they felt the best product engineering firm required – all the engineering disciplines needed to develop new products in-house, people who love to learn and practice their craft, and a place where those people could thrive.


Product Development and Design

Since then, we have achieved those goals and much more. We have a team of software, firmware, mechanical, electrical engineers and product designers – many of whom practice more than one discipline. 219ers are just as passionate as the founders about learning and growing and being a valuable asset to our over 100 past and current clients. And, most importantly, we are a place where engineers can find the time to do all of what they love – not just engineering. With a 40-hour average workweek, flexibility, and great projects/clients our team has traveled the world, grown their families, earned degrees, flown planes – tackling that bucket list.  


What will the next fifteen years bring? Continued growth in size and expertise, evolution of our core skills, and making a difference in the world in the areas of surgical robotics, consumer electronics, medical devices, IoT devices, personal transportation – the list is long and ever growing.


We’re ready to help you expand your team, fill a gap, or just accelerate your development timeline. To the next 15 years!

Product Development and Design

Date published: 06/20/2019