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We Got a New Logo for Our Birthday

Head of Marketing and Operations


We have some exciting news and an unveiling to share with you! In April, 219 turned 20 years old. We celebrated our past with a big party (pics below) and prepared for the future with a brand refresh.

One of our core values is to continuously learn and share our knowledge. So, we thought it fitting to take an introspective look at ourselves and share that through a new logo and website. Rizco, our marketing company, interviewed clients and 219ers, researched our competitors, and used this knowledge to update our brand. We are thrilled with the results!


Our New Logo

In 2004, we designed our very first logo ourselves. Eventually, we invested in a professional design. Today, we are proud to share our brand new logo – representing progression toward the future.

Because most people call us 219, we dropped the “design” from our new logo but it won’t disappear completely. You will also begin to see our name written out at TwoOneNine as well.

Our New Messaging

It’s not easy to distill who we are and what we do into a few meaningful words. While we will always iterate on our messaging, we feel that these descriptions capture our essence quite well.
Our new tagline is… your vision, engineered. Because it’s all about helping our clients achieve their goals through our passion, engineering.
Why do we exist? To solve engineering challenges that no one else can with technically elegant, meaningful outcomes, of course.
At 219, engineering is in our DNA. It ignites us to push product development boundaries, rethink what’s possible, and combine mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines to make extraordinary things happen. We believe in turning visions into reality.


Our New Website

We’ve put a lot of effort into communicating more visually than we have in the past. Our new website will provide more insight into what we do, why we’re a great choice, our expertise across disciplines, and some of our projects. Here’s a little sneak peak.

The Party

And we didn’t forget to celebrate! We danced (not really), caught up with old friends, took fun pictures in the photo booth, and topped it all off with a champagne toast. Here’s to the next 20 years 219!

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Date published: 06/07/2024