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Been curious about Golang?

Senior Software Engineer

My Authentic Golang “Go” Story.

I love code, but I approached Google’s open source programming language, Go, as a skeptic – a battle weary skeptic. Having reached the 10-year milestone as a software engineer, I’ve seen fads come and go. I’ve also been satisfied enough with my native language, C++, to not search for alternatives. However, after watching the mounting tide of Go adoption sweep up some of my most respected colleagues, I finally had to wade in and see for myself.


I love Go! Here’s why.

I like Go for what it has, but I LOVE Go for what it doesn’t have. Of course, it has everything you need – multi-paradigm programming idioms, type safety, data hiding, automated testing – here’s proof!

Functional programming

Object-oriented programming

“Mocking” capabilities inherent in the language

But, more importantly, it has nothing you don’t need. Go is opinionated. Normally, I wouldn’t like that, but it has all the same opinions I have! With Go, there’s no more arguing about…

  • Tabs versus spaces
  • Brace-indent style
  • Protected visibility
  • Compiler warning levels
  • Overloading
  • Implementation inheritance
  • Deep spaghetti inheritance
  • Composition versus inheritance
  • Exceptions & Throw/Catch versus return code
  • Telescoping constructors
  • Test harness contortions
  • Circular module dependencies

Go gives you the power to freely flex both your OO design chops and your functional programming prowess as you see fit. And yet it eradicates mind-numbing code review controversies at the root, by removing choice where we never really needed it.

Looking at Go is like looking at a codebase you just overhauled and realizing: “This project is much better now, and it came from a net removal of code.”


Go at Work

I recently joined 219 Design, a product engineering company that specializes in embedded/smart products. In our line of work (Qt GUI’s, medical devices, robotics, etc), the use of C and C++ is mandatory. Thankfully, we also consider it great fun. At 219, we’ve proved our mettle at wielding C and C++ with grace and discernment. It would seem unlikely that a trendy new language could lure us from our firm foundation. And yet, Go has managed to win our hearts and minds. We’ll always be steadfast C and C++ aficionados, but our successes now also include:

  • a Go auto-updater process with intelligent failure handling, targeting a headless IoT setting where prompting the user is impossible.
  • a Go RESTful web server for electronic medical data, built using lightweight Go packages including Negroni and Gorilla Mux.

We are looking forward to using Go in just the right project soon! 


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Want to learn more about Go? Check out my SCaLE 15x Golang Presentation.

Date published: 04/19/2017