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Vapore MyPurMist

Fueling Growth Through Partnerships

Vapore and 219 Design have teamed up to advance disruptive innovation that enables adoption by the consumer market. To accelerate development, manage risk, and leverage skilled expertise, Vapore hired 219 Design to redesign MyPurMist Classic and develop new models that incorporate additional features. As a result, Vapore is able to keep their headcount low while achieving rapid growth.

Client Vision

To design and commercialize innovative and technology-enabled water vapor products

About Vapore

Vapore has reinvented steam delivery through advanced patented technology that creates instant, germ-free, and ultra-fine steam. The MyPurMist steam inhaler uses Vapore’s patented Capillary Force Vaporizer "CFV" technology to provide fast, natural, drug-free relief from allergies, sinus congestion, sinus pain, dryness, colds, and flu. CFV technology also provides better mechanical reliability,  improved response times, and has other advantages. The first application of this technology was in hospital ventilators to provide direct and targeted humidification. Because many need relief that is easily accessible on a daily basis, Vapore developed a consumer product. MyPurMist is a natural and drug free therapy that reinvents the approach to symptom relief. 

“We chose 219 Design for their skills and expertise, and we have been happy customers for more than 8 years!”
Lars Barfod, Founder and CEO, Vapore

Accelerate Development, Manage Risk, and Leverage Skilled Expertise

Vapore’s CEO, Lars Barford, is a seasoned executive with key strengths in leadership, sales, and marketing. As a result, he made the strategic decision to focus on core activities. In 2013, he chose 219 Design to handle the electrical and firmware development for MyPurMist. Because 219 is an interdisciplinary product engineering firm with skilled project management services, they are able to fully manage those aspects of the  development of MyPurMist in-house. 


Accelerated Development

Vapore initially approached 219 Design to improve the design for manufacturing (DFM) of the MyPurMist Classic steam inhaler. They needed a fresh perspective to quickly find solutions to a few problems before they moved into initial production. 219 was able to reduce the failure rate while maintaining the safety, effectiveness, and ease of use features that make the product so unique. The staffing flexibility and immediate access to a skilled team allowed Vapore to accelerate development when they needed it the most. 


Manage Risk

Because our initial engagement was a success, Vapore decided to hire 219 Design to develop MyPurMist Free, a complete redesign of the original product. This decision allowed them to focus on rapid growth without taking attention away from core activities to build and support a full scale internal engineering team. From a business perspective, Vapore was able to use their funding effectively by maximizing efficiency, leveraging staffing flexibility, and reducing overhead.   

219 Design performed a ground-up design of the electronics and firmware. To address the biggest complaint about the product – the need to plug into the wall – a battery powered design was launched.  The device also has Bluetooth connectivity so a user can log their usage with their phone or tablet. The redesign also included circuitry to detect when the water in the device runs out as well as the presence of particulate in the water.  219 also overhauled the fan and heater control circuitry and firmware to provide more consistent temperature control of the mist. 


Leverage Skilled Expertise

Finally, Vapore was able to leverage 219’s multidisciplinary staff, many of whom had been working together for over a decade to solve similar challenges. 219 ramped up quickly to address immediate requirements. Over the years, we’ve kept a scalable team of resources available to meet Vapore’s specific needs. Because we solve problems across industries for a living, we’ve been able to apply that knowledge to MyPurMist, continually making incremental improvements that improve the customer experience. 

“Having worked closely with Vapore's team for over eight years, we are excited and proud to see the products developed lead their segments today. ”
Miguel Piedrahita, Co-Founder of 219 Design

What’s Next

219 Design will be there to help Vapore fuel growth and maintain their position in the market by promoting innovation and access to new technology. Today, MyPurMist is the only device on the market that provides instant, warm, germ-free mist with no presence of boiling water. As competitors enter the market, 219 will help to ensure MyPurMist remains at the forefront of product innovation while Vapore continues to focus on growing their market. Multiple versions of MyPurMist are sold nationwide at Target, Amazon, Hammacher, select Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco.com and QVC. 

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