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SportsMEDIA Technology Corp.

Innovating High Stakes Data Collection

Sportvision has transformed the sports-viewing experience across all forms of media for all major sports on all major U.S. networks. 219 Design works with Sportvision to support development of the technology that allows for reliable and precise data transfer from the athlete or vehicle to enable the broadcast enhancements that provide fans with a far richer and fuller entertainment experience.

Client Vision

To transform the sports-viewing experience

About Sportvision

Widely recognized for creating iconic broadcast enhancements such as the Emmy Award-winning Yellow 1st & Ten Line™ in NFL and NCAA football, K Zone™ pitch tracking system in MLB, and the RACEf/x™ system seen in NASCAR Nextel Cup and IRL broadcasts, Sportvision's revolutionary product offerings deliver a broad array of effects for television.

Note: On October 4, 2016, Sportvision was acquired by SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology), a live data integration, and real-time graphics presentation and video enhancements solutions company. Sportvision’s technology will continue to live on as it becomes integrated with SMT’s robust suite of products to facilitate and accelerate the next generation of products for hockey and other sports. As of 2017, Sportvision will be rebranded as SMT.

“We've had the pleasure of working with 219 Design for a couple of years now. They have always been responsive, flexible, and great to work with. They're easily my favorite vendor, and I'll continue to use their services every chance I get. ”
Rick Cavallaro, Chief Scientist, Sportvision

Reliable and Precise Embedded Engineering

Sportvision continually incorporates new cutting edge technology into its products to provide the best sports-viewing experience available. 219 Design enables Sportvision’s engineering team to accomplish more each year by adapting Sportvision’s embedded designs for use on anything from hockey players to NASCAR vehicles. 219 Design’s embedded engineers tailor the firmware and circuit board designs to track and communicate relevant game-enhancing data. These designs are then battle-tested on the field, in the rink, or on the track.


The RACEf/x System Technology

RACEf/x, an advanced sports tracking system, depends on circuit boards developed by Sportvision and 219 Design. The boards include built in GPS, inertial sensors, a Linux single-board computer, and an RF transceiver to enable Sportvision to capture all the telemetry and positioning (speed, acceleration/deceleration, time behind leader, exact car position within 4cm, RPM, brake indicator, throttle percentage) to make RACEf/x a crucial tool for both enjoying and understanding a race.


The RACEf/x® System Technology
The RACEf/x® System Technology
The RACEf/x® System Technology

Reliably Impressive Results

Since 2011, 219 Design and Sportvision have worked together on more than a dozen projects, many on tight timelines. Today, 219 Design continues to help Sportvision develop the solutions they need to keep changing the game.

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